About us




Hi everyone! I'm Daisy, an artist based in California and the proud co-founder of the brand Daisy Vibe. I started painting when I was little and have continued on and off throughout my life. I draw inspiration from nature, childhood memories, and of course Studio Ghibli which I absolutely adore. I love playing around with vibrant colors and letting my imagination run free.

This year has been incredibly hard for me. Like many others, COVID has negatively affected my mental health. I can't hang out with my friends and have to stay indoors often. I started painting again in April with the hopes of avoiding depression.

To my surprise, painting became my passion. I enjoy every stroke I take, spend hours looking for inspiration, and share my artwork on social media. Art brings me back to my childhood, while also reminding me to enjoy the present. It's a gift!

Through my art journey, I realized art is a universal language that connects people across the world. I hope I can connect with you all and spread cheer through my work!

Thank you for visiting our web shop. <3